Adopt a Unicorn

Beautiful, shy and endangered,
these mythical creatures need our help.

unicorns are in danger

Demand for their beautiful spiral horns and loss of their rainbow-spangled habitat has led to a catastrophic fall in unicorn numbers, to the point where these incredible animals now exist only in our imaginations.

Help us protect our imaginations, and those of generations to come.

Adopt today and you can imagine receiving:

🌈 A cuddly unicorn toy, made of moon dust.
🌈 My Unicorns and Imaginary World magazines delivered to your door as if by magic.
🌈 Spell book, crystal ball, rainbows, sparkles and more.

The threats to unicorns:

🌈 Poaching of their horns, which are made of alicorn, thought to heal all sickness.
🌈 Loss of habitat due to children’s imaginations becoming too cluttered with material concerns.
🌈 Small isolated populations of unicorns mistaking themselves for narwhals and drowning in the sea.

How you can imagine helping unicorns:

🌈 Supporting vital conservation work by encouraging unicorn presence in fantasy novels.
🌈 Restoring the vivid imaginations of children by demonstrating how cool unicorns are.
🌈 Implementing effective measures to stop horn theft, like rainbow-powered fences.
🌈 Reducing demand for unicorn horns by showing we all have the capacity to imagine them ourselves.
🌈 Improving quality of unicorn-based literature.

Your support will also help fund imaginary work for creatures like centuars, griffins and ents.

Imaginative applications of mythical currencies:

🌈 60 gold coins could pay for one story about unicorns to be told in a school.
🌈 120 gold coins could pay to train a wizard in the use of alternative magical items, like wands.

Getting real about unicorns

It may come as a shock, but actually unicorns don't exist.

However, there is a real animal which isn't much different, and which faces very real, serious threats. African rhinos are being poached in record numbers because of the fantastical belief that their horns cure ailments and even hangovers.

It has often been thought that myths about unicorns were based on sightings of rhinos, which are now threatened with being consigned to nothing but our imaginations.

Image: Steve Morello \/ WWF

Image: Steve Morello / WWF

Adopt a rhino to help us protect these real-life unicorns.

Real unicorns have curves

So what if they roll in mud rather than fairy dust? And if they’re big and grey, instead of sleek and glittery, who’s complaining?

One rhino subspecies, the Southern White rhino, is a significant conservation success story. The population has recovered from fewer than 100 in 1895 to over 20,000 today.

We want to do the same for black rhinos. You can't really help protect unicorns, as they've never existed, but you can help protect rhinos instead. Adopt one today and you'll receive a rhino toy, welcome pack and regular updates.

We don’t need to imagine these amazing creatures – we just need to protect them. Adopt a rhino today.

Images not credited above
- Unicorn: Florian Lehrmuth via Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0 / modified by us
- Rhino: Martin Harvey / WWF