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WHAT IS Project-X?

Corporate awareness and willingness for sustainable business are at an all time high, but with the low hanging fruit already picked, the next all-important steps can feel too far to go alone.

With so many high impact solutions failing to reach the market due to perceptions of high risk and costs, genuine industry-level sustainable innovations are not able to scale.

We work to achieve exponential impact within the value chain, working with tested and viable sustainable innovation substitutions.

Project-X is the world's first, end to end service to fast track sustainable innovations into industry.

how does it work?



For this important first cycle, we have chosen to focus on feed security.

Specifically, Project-X will be helping the livestock and aquaculture industry replace unsustainable feed ingredients in order to relieve the stress on the worlds resources; whilst providing a healthier, more sustainable source of protein for the growing population.

The programme will hone down on the salmon industry value chain as a test bed before rolling out to other species.

NB: It is important to emphasise that whilst this model has been tried and tested at a company level with large multi-nationals in traditionally risk adverse sectors, the work being attempted at an industry level is a proof of concept.

how can PROJECT-x help you?

how can PROJECT-x help you?

Performance Acceleration: Project-X convenes and coordinates all the relevant stakeholders on your behalf in order to bring about cohesion and accelerated performance objectives, across the industry

Amplification of Resource: If you are faced with a difficult sustainability challenge and don’t have the time, money or resources to overcome that hurdle for your company, Project-X is the end to end service that can help.

Payment by Results: Project-X covers all of it its core costs to provide this service to industry. As a fully self sustaining, performance based model, we do expect to be paid, but only once you have seen the results.

Some KIND words about us

Marco Lambertini, Director General WWF International

"We are living in a time of unprecedented risk but also opportunity for the future of our planet and our society. We saw at COP21, that there are a growing number of corporations who are committing to address climate change. But time is of the essence, so now, more than ever, we need leadership to act, and fast. Project-X will bring together decision makers from business acceleration, clean technology, academia and investment to focus on common goals to accelerate impact at scale."


"The world has been missing a catalyst to mobilize the top entrepreneurial, financial, and regulatory resources to address industry wide environmental challenges that no individual organization can address on its own. Project-X's innovative model will bring to life collective solutions that weren't possible before and generate the necessary speed and momentum for them to succeed. I've never been more hopeful in our ability to address the environmental challenges of our times."

Lionel BodIn, Accenture Development Partnerships Lead, Europe

“Project-X integrates cutting-edge initiatives based on WWF’s insight into the effect of environmental challenges. Drawing on the vast capabilities of major corporations and the rapidly evolving world of innovative finance, Project-X has the potential of being a game-changer for a more sustainable world.”


Marcela NavarroCEO & Co-Founder

Marcela Navarro
CEO & Co-Founder

Kate WolfendenCo-Founder & CDO

Kate Wolfenden
Co-Founder & CDO

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Simon Pringle
Strategy Director

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James Hulse
Projext X 100 Director

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Rob Wylie


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