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Our successes

To address the biggest threats to the natural world, we’ve set ourselves many ambitious targets to meet by 2018 – in six key areas.

Turnaround for tigers We celebrated news that wild tiger numbers have increased globally for the first time in conservation history
Giant announcement We were encouraged by the announcement this year that giant pandas are no longer officially endangered
Sanctuary for black rhinos We supported the creation of a sanctuary for black rhinos. Their numbers in Kenya have increased to 678
Hope for Amur leopards We helped to coordinate a three-year study of the movements of Amur leopards across the border between Russia and China
Global wildlife protection We contributed to outcomes at the CITES convention that will provide greater protection for threatened species
Nepal rhinos on the move We’ve helped a project to establish a second viable population of greater one-horned rhinos in the Terai Arc landscape
Beyond boundaries Camera traps installed by WWF in Nepal have given us new information about snow leopards
Polar patrols During the year we expanded our ongoing efforts to minimise conflict between people and polar bears
Javan rhino celebration We celebrated the announcement of the largest number of wild Javan rhino births in Ujung Kulon National Park in a single year since monitoring began
Amazing Amazon discoveries The Araguaian river dolphin and the fire-tailed titi monkey are among 381 newly-discovered Amazon species
Critical conservation A further 147,000 hectares of habitat that’s vital to the survival of the Bornean orang-utan was newly gazetted
A tree in the city Our partnership with Unilever this year aimed to help protect a million trees
Antarctic agreement More than 1.5 million sq km of the Ross Sea is protected thanks to a landmark agreement we’ve worked to secure
Barrier relief Within days of our urgent outcry, Belize suspended destructive plans to search for oil on its barrier reef
Amazon deforestation curbed We encouraged soy supply chain companies to lobby for the indefinite extension of a moratorium on Amazon clearance
UK ‘blue belt’ This year the UK government designated 23 new protected areas known as Marine Conservation Zones
More fish in the sea A ban on discarding unwanted commercial fish should result in more fish remaining in the sea
Forest protection Five new protected areas have been created in Brazil’s Amazonas state
Arctic suspension A WWF petition has helped convince Russia to suspend offshore oil development in the Arctic
Mara marvels In Kenya, we’ve helped to restore more than 40km of riverbanks along the Mara
Water is everyone’s business We published practical tips on embedding water stewardship across a business, learned from our partnership with M&S
Improving UK rivers We’ve worked with government to prevent too much water being taken from rivers in England and Wales
Newborn hope A newborn Yangtze finless porpoise has been spotted in one of the oxbow lakes we’ve helped to restore in China
Reducing pollution We’re helping make the case for, and trial, cleaner technology among tanneries that pollute the Ganges river basin
Making a big splash Water Stories, an exhibition with our partners, engaged 22 million people about how we depend on fresh water
Pantanal protection In the Pantanal, restoration began on 48 freshwater springs across 12 of the 25 municipalities we targeted
Tackling illegal timber We made further progress this year in our campaign to prevent any illegal timber products being traded in the EU
Increasing responsible seafood Our Seafood Charter is a global framework for businesses that want to ensure seafood is sourced responsibly
Improving supply chains Our partners Thai Union Europe committed to a project to improve a major tuna fishery in the Indian Ocean
Palm progress We analysed 137 companies and found many well-known British companies are leading the way in sustainable palm
Furniture failing forests We found two thirds of UK furniture retailers could be failing the world’s forests
Tuna at stake We supported a call from major seafood buyers for measures to ensure tuna stocks are harvested sustainably
Paris progress The Paris Agreement came into force less than a year after the ground-breaking deal to tackle climate change was agreed
Aviation agreement takes off We played an important role in negotiating a new scheme to tackle aviation emissions
Animated about climate change Our lobbying helped ensure Wales will maintain its target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020
Scottish milestones Scotland met its target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% – six years early
Week of action In October over 500 WWF supporters joined the climate coalition for the Week of Action
Renewable records Our research helped demonstrate there’s no longer a need for coal in Scotland’s energy mix
Budget boost The UK government approved the fifth carbon budget
Climate commitments We brought all five Scottish party leaders together to sign the Climate Leaders’ Agreement
Valuing nature It was a big success for us when the UK government pledged it would develop a 25-year plan for nature
Food for thought Sodexo is reducing the environmental impact of the meals it serves by creating more sustainable options
Shaping sustainability We’ve engaged with governments to give WWF offices clarity about Sustainable Development Goal priorities in their countries
Mapping Kenya’s natural wonders We’re pursuing an exciting opportunity to determine how Kenya’s counties use land for development
Investment impacts We played an integral role this year in developing robust new guidelines that will ensure investors are more accountable